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Finally! A Jewish Path to an Experiential Connection with the Divine (WITHOUT adopting dogmatic beliefs or spending years learning traditional texts )!

  •  Freedom from negative emotions
  •  Connection to the Divine in the present moment
  •  Connect with Jewish spirituality
If you want Freedom from self-limiting beliefs, Freedom from negative thoughts, or even if you just want Freedom from emotional reactivity, then this is an opportunity you do not want to miss!


I CAN HELP YOU FIND THE PATH back to your essence as well...
“Reb Brian Yosef is an amazing spiritual teacher, able to inspire his students in profound ways that contribute to their spiritual transformation. And he is a masterful composer and musician.”
– Rabbi Burt Jacobson, founder of Kehilla Community Synagogue, Oakland, California; author of This Precious Moment: The Wisdom of the Ba'al Shem Tov Received smicha (ordination) as a spiritual teacher from Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.  
"Reb Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks is both a brilliant teacher and prayer leader. His approach to Torah text is innovative and insightful, and takes meditation to a new level of accessibility. I cannot recommend his work enough. As a teacher he is wise and inspiring. As a musician and spiritual leader the prayers come to life and seem to take flight within the heart and soul."
– Rabbi David Zaslow, Havurah Shir Hadash, Ashland, Oregon; author of Reimagining Exodus, Roots and Branches, and more
"Brian’s gentle guidance makes communion with the divine possible."
 – Estelle Frankel, author of Sacred Therapy and The Wisdom of Not Knowing – Discovering a Life of Wonder by Embracing Uncertainty
Awaken your Essence through daily practice and guidance from Reb Brian Yosef. 
about reb brian yosef
I am Reb Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks – Jewish spiritual teacher and musician.

In the mid-eighties, after some early childhood dabbling in various mystical practices and some training in Transcendental Meditation, I was struck by the writings of Martin Buber. Buber spoke of the essence of Judaism and Hassidism as a lived reality, beyond the dogmas and legalities of codified Judaism. 

In 1987, I experienced a “spiritual awakening” in which the question mark of life seemed to be transformed into an exclamation point. My personal struggles of life all dropped away. It became obvious that the answer was to “Live for God.” The experience only lasted a few weeks, but that is when the journey to recover the simplicity and directness of that perception began. In 1998, I experienced a second awakening which caused a lasting shift and opened the door to the simple and liberating openness that now I wholeheartedly share with others like you.
I have dedicated over 20 years to developing and teaching hundreds of workshops and courses on spiritual awakening through Jewish teachings and practices throughout the country. Torah of Awakening is the fruit of these efforts, with hundreds of members from around the world gathering daily on Zoom to learn and sing and meditate. 

AWAken the simple joy of being
HERE is How it works... 
You will access DAILY Zoom and livestream sessions (or watch videos later) that give you the essential Jewish teachings for Awakening so that you don't have to spend years searching through books and traditional texts. You will also receive weekly "Lessons in Presence" complete with written texts and audio recordings of chants and guided meditations, as well as an introductory call and an annual private spiritual coaching session.
While there are other places to learn Jewish transformational teachings, most teachers and communities don't get beyond exploring them as mere book knowledge. In this community you will experience a transformative practice called Integral Jewish Meditation, designed to free you from old programming and open you to your deepest potential. It is rare to find an experiential path like this in the Jewish world today!

Emotional pain is normally fueled by our constant thinking, and we tend to get trapped in patterns of thought that feed our pain. Integral Jewish Meditation helps you stop the incessant thinking of the mind, cutting off the cycle and allowing joy to arise naturally. 
Here is What You Will Receive:
You will feel better about yourself 
Knowing that for tuning in just minutes per day, you will be constantly growing both in mastery of your own mind and in your connection to the Jewish lineage.
Discover The key to deep satisfaction
Removing the inner barriers that normally cause us to take the most satisfying experiences for granted. Satisfaction isn't about running after more and more, it's about noticing the blessings that are ever-present.. 
uncover your inner radiance
As you become more awake, you will naturally project a peaceful calm that everyone will feel in your presence.
Get to know yourself as the spacious, radiant awareness 
behind your thoughts and feelings



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One Introductory Call with Reb Brian
DAILY Zooms/Live Streams 
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Weekly "Lesson in Presence"
Weekly Chant and Guided Meditation Recording
One Annual Revelation Session 
(60 minute private session)
Discounts on Courses/Events/Retreats
Once you understand and apply the basic principles, transformation begins immediately. 
Start practicing now and begin your journey!
Here's what what others say...
Brian brought a depth of insight to the experience of Jewish meditation, guided by his loving presence, that made everyone feel at ease. His teachings made me want to know more and reminded of how much beauty and Divine connection is possible in our tradition.
– Cantor Risa Wallach, Congregation B'nai Shalom, Walnot Creek, California
Reb Brian's teachings and chants on the Hebrew letters and their qualities became a subtle but powerful addition to my practice. I came to this group with an eagerness to learn, but over time the intellectual learning became secondary as I began to realize that I have been experiencing the letters...
- Ana vivaros
Reb Brian Yosef is a breath of spiritual fresh air in a world that is too often stuffy with solemn vapors. He makes Jewish spirituality relevant and doable.
– Rabbi Hazzan Avraham Alpert, Congregation Bet Shalom, Tucson, Arizona
The other day I was enveloped with a blanket of peace while driving around town doing errands. Of course, I was trying to get things done, but I was appreciating that I wasn't feeling any particular urgency. I generally feel the grace of the Hebrew letter qualities every day, and it is a gift. It lingers as a whiff of possibility that's always present. It is such a relief because it helps my ego fight less… and it is a relief to feel the blanket of peace as my field of awareness underlying it all…
- ruth barham
Brian's ability to synthesize the deep wisdom of the Jewish tradition 
with his own insights on the power of presence and acceptance of reality has been a great gift to me.”
 – Cyrise Beatty, cantorial soloist, meditation teacher
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One Introductory Call with Reb Brian
DAILY Zooms/Live Streams 
(Except Shabbat and Holidays)
Weekly "Lesson in Presence"
Weekly Chant and Guided Meditation Recording
One Annual Revelation Session 
(60 minute private session)
Discounts on Courses/Events/Retreats
Once you understand the basic principles, spiritual awakening is immediate, though its effects are infinite. Start practicing now and begin your journey!
Experience transformational teachings, heart-opening chanting and deep silence with daily zoom sessions, livestreams, videos, audio recordings, written instructions, one-on-one guidance, and more...
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